Episode #10 – Dec. 18, 2013

kendlAll Lights Off Radio’s last episode of 2013 kicks off with brand new music from Winona’s favorite traveling banjo-pluckin’ songstress Kendl Winter, before moving onto cuts from jazzy folk-rock teen phenoms Bomba de Luz, Winona punk rockers Rogue the Wolf, MPLS ska & early reggae champions The Prizefighters, Winona pianist & songwriter Amanda Grace, bluegrass-without-boundaries collective The May North, and veteran Twin Cities songsmiths The Twilight Hours.

All Lights Off will not be produced over the holidays. The show will debut in 2014 on January 8th.

While Ms. Winter is not based within a 300 mile radius of Winona, her frequent & regular tour stops in Winona & the region make her alternative Americana music a welcome addition to the program. Her new album, It Can Be Done! (K Records), shows much growth from a songwriting and arrangement standpoint. “Rocking Chair” is a sparse, yet infectious song that exemplifies this evolution perfectly. Other standouts on the record for me we’re: “Black Hole”, with its full-band and Nashville-like studio sound, and a remix of “Rocking Chair” (a hidden track), that almost eclipses the original’s infectiousness — simultaneously sounding both modern and rootsy.

K describes the album’s title on its website as:

“…convey[ing] the spirit Kendl has been working from this past year, the very idea that she can choose to live her life outside of cultural expectations and guidelines, even when it’s difficult, even when it’s terrifying. That it is, in fact, possible to manifest the life of your dreams.  It can be done!

Stream or download this episode via archive.org by CLICKING HERE.

Kendl Winter & the Summer Gold
“Rocking Chair”
It Can Be Done!
K Records

The May North
“Interstate Lives”
Interstate Lives

The Prizefighters
Follow My Sound
Prizefighter Sound System

Rogue the Wolf
“Burning Up”
Rogue the Wolf

The Twilight Hours
Stereo Night
Princess Records

Amanda Grace

Bomba de Luz
“Like You Should”
Bomba de Luz EP

Theme Music:
Mike Munson
“Over Now”
Mike Munson


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