Episode #14 – Feb. 6, 2014

Episode 14 begins with a francophone folk-gem from De Temps Antan, a traditional Quebec music trio, who’ll be performing at the MN Marine Art Museum in Winona on March 14th. Music is also featured from Charlie Parr‘s new instrumental album with Alan Sparhawk (of Low, Retribution Gospel Choir, et. al), in addition to tracks from now-defunct Winona instrumental progressive rock trio Brass Lamp and Winona bluesman Mike Munson.

Here’s how Charlie describes “Hollandale” on his website:

“Hollandale is an all instrumental record of 5 songs featuring mostly 12-string with a bit of National resonator and a banjo improv based on “Barnswallow.” The songs are all improvised around 5 different open tunings and are enhanced by the electric guitar of Alan Sparhawk, who also produced the album. I’ve always wanted to do a record like this, I’ve always been real chicken to do it until Alan encouraged me and gave me an opportunity to sit in the house he was renovating and just play whatever I felt. The songs will never come out that way again, but that’s alright, they’ll come out some other way and that’s what I love about this style of music. No one gets hurt, all the air you moved while playing this music just goes back to where it was when yr done.”

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De Temps Antan
“La Maison Renfoncée”
Les Habits de Papier
L-A be

Mike Munson
“Dark Place”
Mike Munson

Charlie Parr with Alan Sparhawk
“I Dreamed I Saw Paul Bunyan Last Night (Pt 2)”
Chaperone Records

Brass Lamp

Theme Music:
Mike Munson
“Over Now”
Mike Munson