Episode #21 – April 9, 2014

jayboneThis week features music from the brand new Jaybone Bell solo album, in addition to tracks from celebrated early 00s Wisconsin ska band Sunshine Policy, La Crosse glam-metal act Hang Em High, MPLS wild man Mark Mallman, disbanded art rockers Run At The Dog (co-founded by current Winona resident Marshall Bolin), and the 2003 Saint Mary’s Jazz Combo (featuring Brandon Mathieus and a fresh faced Mike Munson).

While I try my best to “spread the love around” with this program, Winona singer-songwriter Jaybone Bell released his debut solo album, Tale of the Sun, less than a week after I last featured his band in episode #19. So, due to poor timing on my part, I am once again spotlighting one of the more prolific acts in the Winona area. Tale of the Sun is an intricate and stripped down take on his Americana sound. The extra breathing room showcases the beguiling gravitas of Jaybone and Amber Grace’s dueling co-ed vocals.

Bell is also joined on the album’s first two tracks by Restless Light banjo man Isaac Samis, as well as Kitchen Dwellers guitarist Kyle Shelstad on tracks 3, 4, and 5. The record was recorded by Chad Wardwell at Natural Recording Company in La Crosse and produced as part of regional music maven Parker Forsell’s Ocooch Mountain Sessions. Bravo!

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Jaybone Bell
“Tale of the Sun”
Tale of the Sun
Ocooch Mountain Sessions

Sunshine Policy
“My Very Own Militaristic Propaganda Ska Song”
Striving for Normalcy

Hang Em High
“Back in Session (Rock & Roll)”
Back in Session EP

Run at the Dog
“The Living Are Restless”
Scutigera, Yeah!

Mark Mallman
“The Man With Music Instead of Blood”
Double Silohouette

Saint Mary’s Jazz Combo
“Insomniac Groove”
Sit And Listen
Brandon Mathieus

Theme Music:
Mike Munson
“Over Now”
Mike Munson