About the Show

All Lights Off is a half-hour weekly radio showcase of independent music from the Driftless Region of the Upper Midwest and beyond, hosted by Adam Wiltgen.  Publishing new episodes each Tuesday, All Lights Off is produced for syndicated broadcast by college, non-commercial, and internet radio stations. The show’s format accommodates the typical pattern of listening to radio, about 15 minutes at a time, with multiple themes.

Adam uses Minnesota and the Driftless Region as a jumping off point for distinctive, curated radio playlists that span genres and generations. By exploring musical styles and mining human connections while pairing the obscure with the established and brand-new music with back catalog cuts, All Lights Off is a radio program that celebrates culture and nurtures community.

About the Name

The show is named “All Lights Off” as a tribute to the Cresco, IA band Rearview Mirror and their seminal, Steve Lillywhite-produced album All Lights OffMore than any other factor, Adam attributes the relative success of this four-piece rock band in the early 2000’s with igniting his passion for independent music and the arts in general. More broadly, Rearview Mirror also set a shining example for music-inclined youth in the surrounding rural area at that time, coming out of a small town — only 17 miles away from Adam’s tiny hometown in Amish country — and finding opportunities on a national level.