All Lights Off is a radio showcase of local & regional independent music from the Driftless Region of the Upper Midwest and beyond, hosted by Adam Wiltgen and recorded live every Wednesday at 5pm on KSMR 92.5 / 94.3 FM and online at http://ksmr.smumn.edu.

Adam Wiltgen is a technical communicator that’s spent the last three years in Decorah, IA and Winona, MN utilizing his business & communications experience in leadership roles with the 89.1 KPVL Community Radio, Mister Groovys, and the Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota Performance Center. He’s also taken on freelance work doing technical design & writing projects for Mid West Music Fest, Free River Press, Some Sum Studio and Michelle Lynn Music.

In the spirit of City Pages naming their music blog “Gimme Noise” in honor of the iconic song by Minneapolis band the Replacements, Wiltgen named his radio show “All Lights Off” as sort of a tribute to the Cresco, IA-reared band Rearview Mirror and their seminal Steve Lillywhite-produced album All Lights OffMore than any other factor, Wiltgen credits the limited success of this four-piece rock band with igniting his passion for independent music and the arts in general. More broadly, the band also set a shining example for music-inclined youth in the area at that time: coming out of a small town — only 20 minutes away from Wiltgen’s hometown — and finding opportunities on a national level.

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